Life’s a bliss at thirty-six!

An age to be minus all the tricks

Conditions apply not even asterix

Making space for the authentics

Leaving out ones with the ticks

And solving even the hearty rubix

There is hope amongst the mix

To defy even the laws of physics

There is much to be of merit

For those who take no credit

Wisdom is yet in the offing

And to that there is nothing

That surpasses a little laughing

No matter all the coughing

The hiccups, the doubt, the fear

All doused by near and dear

With a splash of fiery nutrition

Comes alive a blast of intuition

Bringing with it sunny disposition

Making way for smooth transition

Whatever the constant fascination

There is tremendous innovation

For in a creative mind there lies

The supposition of lots kingwise

And therein the sighs and highs

Come in continuous cyclical sublimes

The new moments make way forever

As the universe blithely takes over

There is little in plain sight

And nothing in hind sight

For the one who looks like

Relishing the moment so wise

Of all the other adventures

Turning in is the ideal venture

To see the existing in new light

May not need all that extra might

But just a warm sunny vibe

To melt the donts into dones

Beating all the duncy dunce

In the turn of the down frown

The ocean is mighty swell fun

Let’s just take that blessed run

Instead of hiding from the sun

Bite the bullet and the gun

The child is witty though young

Even when one is highly strung

There is always the surprise sprung

By spinning the highest order rung

As the forces work their turn

A lot to yearn, even more to learn

There is that blessed noun

Never before so pronounced

To know that happiness doesn’t come

It’s there by the dozen if not some

In the hearts of every big little one

Bursting like joy with all the hum

Always Here there and everywhere

To know to not be burdened with care

There’s much to absolutely rejoice

With or without a steady voice

In the world where there’s us and them

Be here be square right in the game

I for one second all the believing

The reading for seeing and hearing

In the sights that surround us all

Summer, winter, autumn and fall

The beauty the world is creating

Is happy, lovely, clear and freeing

As the noise quietens in the mind

There is more chance of being kind

And no more to the horrors blind

Happily to the joys forever entwined

Simplicity, alacrity, ease and relatability

May just be the best of any ability

To possess and be of possession

Better than any steely imposition

Wind in the face, sun in the eyes

Clearly swapped by joy sublime

The possibilities are truly endless

However careful or overly reckless

The future tenses are oft yet to be

They beckon however menacingly

Can be bent to form quite trustingly

With merry unthought accordingly

For Home’s not a place it’s a feeling

No matter what we may be grieving

Nothings a miss and life’s a bliss

At the subtle swing of thirty six.