Fairy faith

Tobias skipped over two stones and splashed his feet in the stream of water hopping on a leg before breaking into a complete sprint. A dashing 5-year old, he had all the energy on his life running through his veins. A very happy-go-lucky affable child, he loved being in the great outdoors as they call it. His home in Lahr was his paradise, but visiting his grandparents in Schuttertal was his favorite thing to do. When at Schuttertal, he spent days in endless wonder. He ran across the streams in the gorgeous Blackforest mountains of Germany, ate pretzels by the dozen, and when his dear Oma baked him his favorite apple strudel he gorged on it with gleeful abandon. Opa, as he lovingly called his Grandpa spent hours in the garage which also doubled up into his inventor hut. Opa loved tinkering with everything which he tried to make different or even better as he went along his day. In between time with Opa in the garage and time with Oma on the dining table or by the fireplace, Tobias ran around freely making friends with the townspeople and making friends with the other boys who lived down the road.

But afternoons were totally his, basking in the warm sunshine if the weather was kind or hopping around streams in the summer was his favorite thing to do. On a good day he would collect soft rounded stones, twigs, dried leaves, and feathers that different exotic birds would have left behind or shed in a hurry which he would dutifully bring home and put it in his treasure chest that his Mom handed down to him on his 5th birthday. He absolutely loved it and cherished it. This beautiful Sunday afternoon he went his usual path but the day seemed very different. The sun seemed to be shining brighter and the trees themselves swishing and swashing guiding the boy, the whole environment looked like there was a surprise in store. Like they weren’t telling him something. “Ah”, said Tobias aloud, “I can tell that something is cooking. I wonder what it is.” After his usual path on the trail he was planning to meet up with his friends Mathias and Sheldon and they decided to go skateboarding at the park. One step, one step Tobias thought as he marched up the hill.

At a short distance from him he say a twinkling of a box. Stepping closer he picked up the box which had vintage trimmings just like his treasure chest back at home. Dropping his latest acquisitions that he held in his hand into his pocket, he picked up the little box and opened it gently. In the box he gaped at a little fairy sleeping in the box breathing deeply. With every breath the fairy lit up and dimmed as the breath came out. The pretty dainty fairy looked so gentle and small. Tobias gently blew out at the fairy who blinked twice and woke up with a start. “Oh hello Tobias”, she said. “I was waiting for you to come along and looks like I fell asleep. How are you today?” Tobias said, “What! Who are you?” “Well I am Faith and Santa planted me here for you. You see when you have faith, you tend to have everything.” Tobias, a well-meaning and believing boy, believed in everything good, and had no doubt that Santa had left him the fairy. Faith few out of the chest and gestured Tobias to follow her. Tobias followed as fast as he could. Faith took him into the forest along a long and winding path. Checking into a tree she tapped thrice and the tree opened up a ladder into the sky. Tobias stepped in and there he saw a different world.

A very busy world, so unlike his slow life on land. A multiple world he thought, in a different plane. Oh My I can hardly believe it. Faith kept flying and though Tobias wanted to stay and look at all these different people he ran to keep up with her. In and in she went into this magical world and in and in Tobias went behind her. Passing by elves working on toys, passing by factories of chocolate being wrapped in candy of different colours he was deeply intrigued. Finally when she reached the centrepoint, Tobias saw the one and only Santa Claus sitting on a drum and twiddling his fingers. He had a mischievous smile and looked like he was up for some splendid adventure. “Ho Ho Ho”, he cried as soon as he sent his eyes on Tobias. “Young man! I was waiting for you. This year I asked Faith to find me a boy who showed faith in the world. Who took the world in his stride, who enjoyed the moment as it was, who spent time in nature and nurturing friendships. She told me about you and I saw with my own eyes what a marvelous little boy you have been. “I am so thrilled to welcome you to La La Land. Today you will see how far a little faith can go, and when you have a lot of faith, then well multiple worlds open up! In you go my boy. Have a ball in La la land. Here there are no rules, you can eat what you want at whatever time you want, play with the toys that catch your fancy and simply enjoy your day.” And with that he whisked Tobias away.

Faith smiled at Tobias and ushered him through the massive wooden doors into what just seemed like a wonderland. Tobias ran into this new world, jumping on the bouncy castles, sliding down the joy ride and playing with pistons. There was a water park, a jelly land and a dancing floor that he could see. But this world seemed endless and he could see no end in sight. Filled with joy and happiness Tobias immersed himself into fun. When it was time to eat he chose pasta with his favorite garlic and broccoli, to the mix he added olives and sundried tomatoes, Faith beamed at the boy. After his first course and after all his play, Tobias missed his Oma’s apple strudel which he remembered seeing her put into the oven. And just like that he thanked Faith for showing so much faith in him and jumped out into the world tumbling into the trail. He remembered that his friends would be waiting for him at the end of the trail and sped to catch up with them. At dinner he regaled to his Oma all that happened on what was a terrific day while licking up the apple strudel with mirth. Oma smiled at the boy whom she simply indulged so much.




  1. 1.complete trust or confidence in someone or something.