It’s December!

This is when we would start practising the annual Christmas play, which would be centered on the Birth of Jesus, the gift of the Magi or some such. At home I’d be bullied by my brothers on how unhindered my Christian knowledge was becoming. But the spirit of Christmas today seems to be more than religion, why I see Christmas trees being set up even in the ultra South Indian localities of Jayanagar. The red, white and green clothes come out after a year and everyone is suddenly getting on the plum cake making endeavours. The enthusiasm is highly contagious. Not to forget the Gifts, Secret Santas, the annual discounts and a work culture that leans highly to the west. Holidays are planned accordingly and no one questions all the work not done in December. It is the season to be jolly ofcourse for after all Santa is coming to town.

Bred on carols, stories, miracles and socks this month I present to you all some fun fiction. Tales that I am writing to capture the festive cheer and also the seven heavenly virtues. It is also the time we make our yearly vision boards, goals and perhaps take on a gym membership 😉 May the tales entertain you this month. It’s story time in December and while we go brrrrrr under the blankets here’s a warm read. Ofcourse one can guess the virtues and if not up for moral policing can simply enjoy the read!

So we’ll, it’s December and I am convent educated, so that means something!