A walk in the park!

An early morning walk is a blessing for the whole day said Henry David Thoreau, an American Naturalist. He probably walked all day but morning in a park are literally blessings, maybe at times for the whole week. This last week for four days in a row I headed to the Lalbagh Botanical garden that the government very charmingly keeps open for morning walkers, for free. Nature on it’s part puts on a spectacular show.

So last morning, in a super rainy Bangalore week when I was on a fifth day of the week walk in Lal Bagh, the first day of the Lal Bagh annual flower show we were super excited to be the first ones at the event. After a climb on the Lal Bagh rock, not steep at all, and saying a lovely good morning to Bangalore, we headed to the Glass Palace to see a special show put on by the gardeners of Bangalore’s famous garden.

As always, I’ve been visiting the flower show every year for the past 6 years, this years show displayed lilies, chrysanthemums, daisies, roses, dandelions, hibiscus and a spectacular bonsai arrangement among other flowers and greens. At the competition that they have every year the winning entry by HAL had on display beautiful and huge roses, worth winning the first place in. The butterflies surely looked happy!

The theme of this years flower show was wound around the legendary Kannada actors Dr Rajkumar and his son Puneet Rajkumar. Displaying in flowers sets from their famous movies, and putting on the story of their lives with quotes from Dr Rajkumar across the display connected one to the theme. Apart from the flowers on display the market place set up facilitates gardening enthusiasts to stock up on plants, gardening tools or even seeds.

The weather in Bangalore has always been renowned for providing the best atmosphere for a lot of specie of plants to thrive, and at Lal Bagh seeing the sheer collection and variety of plants just captures the essence of this once erstwhile Garden city.