Why I jump and ski and other stories!

I am not an adrenaline junkie and I still have to skydive and I am not even a sports person but I love doing things that set my heart thumping, I love trying new things, in short I love living my life to the fullest. Last winter I received a whopping ACL tear, meniscus tear on my knee while skiing, after a very successful ski session, yet will I do it all over again? I would. Most certainly that too. Why? Even after bursting the capillaries around my eyes after this bungee jump I’d happily do it again, again ask why and I will tell you.

There is so much joy in setting the heart on fire, much like starting a new business, learning a new form of art or simply dancing the whole night away has a charm like no other. That said crossing a busy road blind-folded or investing in stocks on a whim is sheer foolishness. But wearing a harness and jumping off a building, well that is joy, sheer joy. I am a believer that good things, err great things will happen to me, the best is always yet to come and doing is fun. Fun things are even more fun when done in the right spirit. Today as I stuff my feelings due to a lack of adventure of my kind in life I hope there is more in store of things to do and places to go. There is so much hope, so much to look forward to and there’s a lot of gratitude for that. Spend on experience they say, but even experiences fade with time, what remains are feelings and feelings make beliefs.

The last few years have left me accident prone, starting with a scuba-diving accident, then moving on to a skiing accident I thought perhaps it’s time to check the adventure sports at the door. My mother-in-law attributed it to nazar, friends said stay home for a bit and I decided to do just that. But staying home turned out to have its own perils, on one side drawers and shelves turned lethal, a banged little finger and scraped forearms but to think of it the humble Khakra managed to cut me face(!) and am not even getting into the hazards of the kitchen, read burnt fingers and evil knives. This despite the fact that I don’t cook!

So as a dear friend said upon my skiing injury, atleast you had it while doing something glamorous. Bless her soul to put things into perspective. What’s life without living it large and taking a leap of faith here and there. After all it’s better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all. While we go through life, I’d very much like to have thought that I gave it my best shot, come hollering down the hill with a worn body than to have to have called it a day without so much as a scratch or a bump. While I hope my furniture stops trying to kill me as with other elements of nature and I manage to keep myself pretty healthy, I wish the courage to leap never leaves me! How about you?