Fluid is the new solid.

Last weekend I had the pleasure of putting my hands and mind to a new style of acrylic art, minus the paint brushes and with an addition of a pouring medium. Fluid art has caught on a new flight along with alcohol ink art and resin art, all these three forms of art do away with the traditional notions of fine art that has always employed the use of a paint brush and been made on the premise of a pre-conceived solid idea of what should be finally accrued, challenging the traditional notions, these forms of fine art insist on the artist having a certain sense of detachment. It is but for all a necessity, for a fluid art artist. Of course there is a choice in terms of colour, the scale but the final art is allowed to emerge from the canvas as such.

The freedom from the paintbrush makes this form of art accessible to a greater populace, but that trend would certainly be reversed as some people are perfectionists and hence prefer a greater control over their art work. This art is the epitome of letting go, but yes, letting go soon, for the acrylic and the pouring medium will definitely dry up all too soon. That’s one oil painting that makes Oils all too superior. There is always that element of change possible over a stipulated time with oil paints, with acrylic change was never perfectly possible, but the pouring medium gives oscillation a chance for a very short duration. The act to going with the flow is essentially a great life skill to have and fluid act may we’ll help one practice that. On a more philosophical note, non-action with this medium produces an equally splendid/beautiful result as could an extremely deliberated final product. There is power, insight and strength in non-action (as opposed to inaction), going with the flow, a sense of detachment and acceptance. It is wonderful to know that whatever will be will be and it will be okay, just like whatever is is. Now that’s a bit too philosophical but in these times these are life lessons and fluid is then the new solid.

P.s. getting the paint off your fingers may well be an art form in itself!