Peace out 2020!

The whole world will not change overnight, but then maybe it just will. A new date, a new year, a new beginning! Isn’t that enthralling enough? The world has been one this year, no matter the location, the distance, size or shape. 2020 was a year of humility for me personally, it ushered in an unseen time where staying home was the only option and me being no domestic Goddess, one can imagine the challenge it brought. Nevertheless, am alive, made it through and am raring to go, go into 2021. And on that note I’d like to share a video that my husband brought to my attention this morning, one that brightened up the last morning of a rather bleak year and I hope you, my dear readers, like it too, curated here are 21 projects set to finish in 2021.

My pick especially to watch out for this year, if not to just move into is the Rose Hill condo in New York City. The architectural design of this tower brings the 1920s Art Deco design style into the new age city that has been reinvented many times over. What caught my fancy in the Rose Hill, is the elevation for sure, its pretty, its classy and such a delight to watch! The straight lines and the structure reminds me of the Chrysler Tower, the Empire State building and all the old stalwarts of the city. Another project to watch out for is the Pier 55 project that has a collection of flower pots cauldroning out of the water. These two projects have left me aching to set foot in the city of my dreams in the coming year.

It’s the last of 2020, a year that promised so much, yet delivered so little, but then it taught us that in less there is more, in contentment there is delight, happiness, not to say the least. It levelled the playing field and showed us how we could have the world in a platter, oops in the screen, we didn’t need to travel to work, to travel for entertainment, but showed us our place in the world. What we need is nature in all its glory, the warmth of the sunlight, the cool ocean breeze, the green of the forests, the colours of the gardens, what we need are people in our lives, the hell and heaven of it all. In a year that artists turned chefs, chefs turned designers, writers turned accountants and entrepreneurs turned domestic Gods and Goddesses, there is just too much left to see/learn/feel/want/experience in this world and one year is not enough! Maybe COVID will leave when we learn all the lessons we ought to have learned outside the classroom. A tale or two on kindness and empathy.

Meanwhile, it’s hope that keeps us moving forward and there is much to hope for, for sure in the architecture the world is yet to see!

Happy 2021 you folks!!