The Trinkling of thirty-three!

Am sitting stuck with glue

to the teepee and the marquee

aching literally to end the duree


The end known to a few

muttering to be utterly carefree

without a clue, a rhyme or whee


There is wonder that grew

out of time spent in sudden soiree

with leisure to spare boredom and thee


The scales of creativity grew

making the most of the rotting brie

churning out quick, flitty, witty repartee


In the joy of dalgona brew

there is much cleaning up to do

a frantic tussle here and a huff hustle there


Pottering about the shoe

making maps of going where

showing each one just how much I care


There is a hushed hue

in sunlight that filter through

making the most of a time duty-free


There is time for two

a little me and you here

in the aroma of delicious fare

There is fun in the new

a little air in as we breathe

new goals come spiralling decree

A very relaxed air dew

to keep afar the bourgeoisie

and calling for an unusual pedigree

Am as relaxed as can be

in a world so kind and free

there is no doubt nothing to disagree


As the son flies from two

he started to slowly say three

learning very fast to climb a tree

So delighted to have a Choo

jimmy shimmy or a guarantee

there is more than a one of many me


Its my hair I’m referring to

when I say spirited, wild and free

and the trinkling turn of thirty three!