Woo-man is a superpower

Its a rare kind of a flower

That refuses to grow very far

For what if there is that tar

In close quarters it stays happy

If twisted turns a tad snappy

The moods are for the rich

Who could afford to twitch

Planted once it is seasonal

If antsy it could be treasonal

When planted again it blooms

Otherwise casts a nasty gloom

From mothers, sisters, friends

To beauxes deeply christened

A woman can be a strength

One that takes the length

In good health and happiness

Or simply a growing weakness

Its not so much for the men

But for its very own brethren

There is a exact specific tense

That is seen with a clear lense

Though it makes no sense

Is extremely intolerably intense

There is nothing more hard

More heartening, tough and sad

Than it is to woo a woman

Especially if you are not a man!

#internationalwomensday #sorrynotsorry #livefree #impressnowooman