Lose it aka Let.it.go.

Today is World Suicide Prevention day and on this day I’d like to take a moment and talk about this gem of a Bollywood movie, Chichchorre.

Stay with me on this post and more so watch this movie till the epilogue song. For no matter what if you have had the great fortune of going to a National institute in this country and have survived its hostels, this is a movie for you to watch. Don’t mind the language and the spin-offs, not all hostels are the same, but do capture the essence of this movie and hold on to it for dear life.

We put so much pressure on ourselves and our lives in general, making sure nothing goes wrong and the minute something does go wrong we get to work trying to set things back on track. It’s like we take the wrong bus to miss our destiny only to find later that the wrong bus was very much that same destiny we were trying to avoid. There is so much power in letting go, in losing, especially and only if the best has been served. A corollary of the same is what the Bhagavad Gita prescribes, in Hindi, ‘Karm kar phal li chinta Mat kar’, translated as, ‘do your work and don’t worry about the results’. Even if you do agree with this statement, the movie drives home the point.

It’s fabulous on many accounts to know the difference between aspiring to be the best and losing with grace, celebrating both with equanimity. A dear Grandma of mine once told me to treat wins and losses with equal elan and indifference. Perhaps that is the only way to live in mildness marked by a positive mindset, to be of a middle path rather than an excited soul, or simply to choose excitement equanimously with no shade of sorrow. To be excited then consistently rather than being an oscillating soul. But mostly to not be plagued with worry or negative thoughts of any kind. Aloofness is also as debilitating a negative thought as any other. Charlie Munger has repeatedly told reporters the secret to living a long and happy life. “Stay cheerful”, he says, “and let go of negative thoughts”. Let go, being the key word. Do not let go of life, let go of the thoughts. Choose enriching ones. Ones that support, ones that live.

Am no newbie to suicide. My college was so harsh and I saw several cases where students were so badly criticised that there really seemed to be no hope. For a super high achiever failure is never an option and can be literally life threatening. No one should ever be driven to the extent of ending their own lives, but more so no one should should ever care about the opinions of anybody, including themselves, over a life, even if their own. No situation is so terrible that it cannot be improved. Life changes more than we can ever imagine, the only thing in our control is nothing. So we must know or cultivate the drive to buckle up and enjoy the ride. Lives matter, opinions don’t. Success is even more fleeting than failure. We will all fail at something or the other, we will all lose at something, something that will blow the wind out of us, something that we never saw coming and when we do instead of chiding and guilt tripping ourselves we must let go of the failure but hold on to dear life.

Take a trip to the mall,

take a trip to beat the toll,

take a trip to Vegas

or take a trip to the moon,

but never take a trip to where guilt is,

Cause you never know too soon!

Let life play it’s cards,

And hand out it’s awards,

For what you think is a lemon,

May just as well be a melon,

A subtle relay of lessons,

To chill relax and simply give in!

Go ahead, give it a listen 👩🏻‍🌾