OMB – 29 weeks!

Oh my Bump! is my weekly chronicling of this little pie baking away, and a sharing of the ebbs and flows of being two at a time. Its a wonderful journey of rising and falling hormones, the beating of two hearts, and a huge sea of change to the body. It’s love and life all the way. 


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29 weeks! A rather hectic and crazy week. Meeting lots of people, traveling a bit, wearing make-up and dressing up. There is certainly no better time to be pregnant than at a family wedding. The vibes and high of meeting loved ones and the aura of celebrations is certainly something wonderful. While the baby B kicks and rolls at the sound of music I myself enjoyed every bit of my gorgeous skin. There is no need for foundation or any artist when one feels like a work of art oneself. True beauty or rather any beauty is what comes from within. My over active energetic brain had enough to do all week and while I thoroughly enjoyed myself I ended the week with a glorious session at the pool. Swimming by far is my most uplifting form of entertainment. It’s absolutely rejuvenating. And all the pains that I may have developed over the week, physical or mental, all absolutely withered away with the touch of clear and cool water. The buoyancy of water felt wonderful and added it’s own sense of buoyancy to my spirit. This week I did quite a bit of soul searching and came down to appreciating and loving my body, my area of work and my beautiful mind. Two interesting facts I came across this week from my reading is that, one, anger is triggered by a toxic liver, and two, the amygdala is largely responsible for the ‘fight or flight’ syndrome and anxiety can be worked on through the amygdala, a little organ at the base of the brain. Vitamin b12 plays an important part in keeping the amygdala cool. SO next time you find yourself flying off the handle or getting unduly anxious, look up to the amygdala or the liver 😀 Ancient Chinese medicine also prefixes certain other emotions to the Heart, Lungs and Kidneys, namely Joy, Grief and Fear respectively. Interesting! Also I realised looking at pictures, whatever I think shows up on my face! Oh my really what a disadvantage it could be, or rather what an advantage! So here’s to happy thoughts and happy faces!! =) Meanwhile Baby B showed me some serious dance moves as it has begun jiving to music tumbling here and there and marking some wonderful twists and turns!

P.s. So all through my life I have realised the power of my thoughts. What I have thought of I have become, what I thought I would like I have got and what I think happens. Whether it’s a trip to the market or to the beach, whatever I have thought has undoubtedly happened. While I always nursed a suspicion that the universe has always conspired on my behalf, I am now certain of the power of our thoughts. What we believe and what we think we become. While that does not mean we much guard our thoughts it certainly means there is no need to indulge in wasteful thinking, thoughts are so damn precious after all! 🙂

Baby B: 29 Weeks

Baby’s size? 15.2 inches

Girth: 39.0 inches

Plus: 13.0 kilograms (woah! 2 kgs in just a week)

Maternity clothes? Lets say this week I rocked the maternity wedding clothes!

Stretch marks? Nope.

Sleep: Happily and peacefully. So tired and so sleepy so surrounded myself with pillows and slept away.

Best moment this week: Realising how much fun it is to actually let go. Took a bow and bid adieu to a lot of things this week. It is indeed liberating.

Movement: Rocking and rolling. What a baby!

Food Cravings: Pav Bhaji perhaps. And yogurt.

Gender: No idea!

Symptoms: Gorgeous skin tales continue. (double yay!)

Wedding Rings – on or off? On!

Happy or Moody? Happy! Teary! Happy!

Loving: Swimming. Oh my God. The bliss of water!

Reading: On a Dessert Trail. Am not so much of a sweet person, nor am I into cooking, but it was a decent read as it covered desserts across different countries.

Watched: No shows this week!

Compliments: On looking gorgeous, having gorgeous skin and smiling so so much.

Acne: None. Best thing ever.

Drawing: On my patience and energy reserves 😀

Dreaming of:  Dreamt of falling, free-falling. If it means sky-diving is in the offing, bring it on!

Looking Forward To: Some quality time and blessings of family and friends.