OMB – 26 weeks!

Oh my Bump! is my weekly chronicling of this little pie baking away, and a sharing of the ebbs and flows of being two at a time. Its a wonderful journey of rising and falling hormones, the beating of two hearts, and a huge sea of change to the body. It’s love and life all the way. 

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26 weeks! The best week ever, thus far. With Baby B kicking away at cues, at certain people, at certain events am starting to wonder if my behaviour in the last 6 months has been dictated by the Baby! Choices of food, colours, clothing, words and action are seeming so out of my characteristic and with the little soul bubbling inside of me, it definitely seems like it’s working its way in the world through me. While we assume as parents we shape our kids, I am now quite certain that they come in with personalities of their own and all we could hope for is enjoying their company. Good Lord! Baby Brewing 😀 And while the pixie is inside of me, all it does and wants affects me much more than the other way round. This week was the best ever with Diwali celebrations with la familie, a luxurious trip to Hyderabad’s most gorgeous palace and lots of pool time. Croquet is a new game we picked up this week and my, what fun it was. After a couple of sessions am told it was the prelude to golf. The sound of the croquet stick striking the ball is rather fun and addictive. Absolutely loved it. Vintage is so cool in every sense of the word. A lot of memories and reminiscing happened this week too. And whimsical seems to be the order of my design world. Pulled out my piano this week and hope to get back to serious playing, especially my favourite tune, Air from little Russia, this week. Happened to be introduced and listening up to the Terem Quartet, a musical ensemble from Saint Petersburg. What fun.

Baby B: 26 Weeks

Baby’s size? 14.0 inches

Girth: 38.5 inches (a plateau now)

Plus: 10.0 kilograms

Maternity clothes? Long, flowy and gorgeous! Cotton clothes, loose clothes.

Stretch marks? Nope.

Sleep: Getting comfortable is getting harder now. I wish I could melt into clouds literally but pillows will have to just simply do for now.

Best moment this week: Baby-mooning at the Taj Falaknuma!

Movement: Hot spicy food literally is giving the pie a kick. Or rather me a kick!

Food Cravings: None!

Gender: No idea!

Symptoms: Gorgeous skin tales continue. (double yay!)

Wedding Rings – on or off? On!

Happy or Moody? Happy! Super Happy! Deliriously Happy!

Loving: Oranges. Winter come away soonly.

Reading: Origins:How our first nine months shape the rest of out lives by Annie Murphy Paul

Watched: and still watching, Abstract a wonderful show on Netflix about design. Absolutely loving it. A must for all the design aficionados.

Compliments: On being the happiest person (!) (hehe)

Acne: None. Best thing ever.

Drawing: on inspiration for the SUn ARt. Darn its called procrastination but this week am so getting down to it.

Dreaming of:  Eating mud. Am so hoping the dream is just an allegory and it means something else.

Looking Forward To: The arrival of my favoritest Pedamma (read Aunt) end of this week!