OMB – 23 weeks!

Oh my Bump! is my weekly chronicling of this little pie baking away, and a sharing of the ebbs and flows of being two at a time. Its a wonderful journey of rising and falling hormones, the beating of two hearts, and a huge sea of change to the body. It’s love and life all the way. 


wp-image-1310037608.jpgThose 5 secs of fame! #featured #happinessflamboyanceenergy

23 weeks! This week had a super busy feel to it with rounds of shopping, the yearly Dussehra festival, the holiday festivities and a ton of things. Finally I have made my peace with maternity clothes, of which I like my swimsuit the best :D, and have learnt to flaunt the curves and the light-bulb of a skin. I may have just found the purpose of my life. Finally. Thanks to the Dalai Lama and Vish who fished out an old slam book, thus providing much alacrity. This week therefore is huge. 😀 Plus sleep turned out to be extra awesome and thus the morale. Three scientists just won the nobel prize for studying the link between our circadian rhythms and health thus putting across path-breaking research on how the earth’s rotation vibes with our internal body-clock. Just the old tales on being in sync with the sun! At the derby last afternoon I chanced upon these lines of poetry, “lets learn from the almond leaf that flames as it falls. flamboyance is everything”. Those lines resonated with me. Flamboyance is indeed everything. Move over simplicity, am certainly so done with you! 😀

Baby B: 23 Weeks

Baby’s size? 11.4 inches

Girth: 38 inches (woah!)

Plus: 8 kilograms

Maternity clothes? Yes. Going designer with different cuts and colors. Digging on yellow like never before.

Stretch marks? Nope.

Sleep: Supremely awesome. Waking up fresh as a daisy and ready to hit the road every day!

Best moment this week: Rocking the page3! Those 5 minutes of fame!!

Movement: A little push here and a little nudge there! Not too much. Not like the last week at all.

Food Cravings: None!

Gender: No idea!

Symptoms: Glowing skin. The oh-so-awesome glow from the first trimester is back!!

Wedding Rings – on or off? On!

Happy or Moody? Happy! Happy! Happy!

Loving: Swimming!! The bluest blue waters and bubbling under the pool. Had the most awesome experience doing my laps in the pool. The happiest place on the planet is in water for me. Sheer joyfulness!!

Reading: Young Turks! About 13 young entrepreneurs and their take on their journey and life. Fun read. Easy Breezy.

Watched: The telugu flick Spyder. (walked out in 40 min) My o My…Super violent.

Compliments: On my broad shoulders

Acne: The terrible acne is clearing off and leaving a sunshine glow all over my face. Nicknamed sunshine is absolutely so apt. (since ever)

Drawing: Toffees. For some reason remembering the melody ones we would gorge on as kids.

Dreaming of: Beaches and sunshine!

Looking Forward To: Painting the sun set. Finally!