The oddness of religion

While we wish upon security

we run amok at every opportunity

To praise the Lord Almighty

and join the fraternity

Depending on spirituality

more than sheer sensibility

A Godman or simply a few

is all we need for faith to renew

Trusting in dogmatic traditions

and calling them revelations

Just cause a thing was done so

it makes it not right moreso

There is God for sure

to that belief there is no cure

And a part of that divine is you

with or without a befitting clue

Gathering for a worthy cause is religion

not one of blind fanatism or destruction

For a crowd is an exaggeration

of emotions mostly an allegation

The constant lure of atheism

is supplemented by non-adheism

Applying the mind comes easy

for all the mighty and breezy

But to not be able to control

drives one off the divine roll

There is none that holds

who is not within the fold

To truly belong to oneself

and be our own little elves

Is all that we would need

lest we let ourselves bleed

Good is God the Buddhists say

kindness is my religion the Lama says

For there is no God without forgiveness

and no almighty without gracefulness

In word, kind or deed

there is a warm appeal

To be of great utility

for all the fraternity

There is God in each one

in idols and sometimes none

For it is the belief

that mostly gives grief

Perception is reality

and life a fragility

As we bind premonitions

to make lengthy altercations

We discover the legions

of all the many regions

The two faces of the coin

is the oddness of religion!