About Time.

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A delightful British movie, the story is as delicious as the accent. As Gleeson and Mc Adams live out a sweet romantic story, the wonderfully aspirational idea of time travel is explored. Am sure we have all at a given point of time wished we could go back in time and do one small thing differently, but then changing that one not-so-desirable thing would also change a whole lot of desirable things we have at present that we heart. The Alucobonds building facades come with the cure for cancer! While we absolutely despise some bold and gimmicky application of alucobond we sigh in relief to see our brethren get better with chemo. So in the platter we have there are the good and the bad, the desirable and the undesirable, and cherishing the two may be the best shot we have in life. Gratitude is the attitude. Just as I was turned down from participating in a yoga class on the pretext of irregularity, I can’t help but feel grateful for all that I have this moment. Just as a dear grandmother advised me a few years ago, to welcome the two imposters called happiness and sadness in the same vein. If there is one thing that becomes increasingly clear through the visual motion picture, its how one wouldn’t change a thing for the fear of losing out some indelible present. Sometimes we wouldn’t have our present any other way, than it is. And the sooner one realizes it, the more beautiful life is. For me for one, its about time!

p.s some questions are never answered and we can only but carry them to our graves, but till then it’s about time!