Purdy at thirty!

What wonder it is

In the world we live

So much of bliss

Much more to give

Songs and sonnets

And a lovely bonnet

The beauty there is

With joy abliss

In the last of twenties

We bury our effendies

Our beliefs are clear

As we begin to endear

Charm and endure

With kind allure

For while we sieve

memories that steer

There’s nothing to fear

No matter the jeer

Wisdom with age

Comes with grace

Celebrating the moment

Is quite the slogan

For the lures of gratitude

Must be the attitude 

As there are miles to go

And clockwork to store

The grass to mow

And things to ignore

Blessed are the rings

With a thickened skin

For they are the kings

With tonic and Jiin’s

And blessed are those

The hearts of whose fill

With family that never ends

And happy and jolly friends

Finding ones rhythm

In all the adventurism

Skipping stones and rocks 

Joyful as a chatterbox

Chirping light-hearted 

Laughing up a riot

The calling is up clear 

It is to bounce and tigger

To stir up a storm

Or the world to roam

Build a monument

Or thrive on movement 

Prancing along for 

Wide and long

Being very sure

Prim and proper

Knowing fully well

That no matter the bell

Humour is the armour

We hold in the larder

The smiles that come

With battles that are won

The lightness of being

Comes from believing

In giving and receiving

And most of all forgiving

The slights and mights

Drawn in many a lights

For the goodness of man

That many a poet sang

Ties up the ends

To every ear that lends

And calls for one

To let the tears run

Of happiness and the sun

That many a times gun

All the doubts and affronts

They take their final bows

Understanding that love

And worshipping the cow

Is all we May need

To be utterly freed

Knowing and caring

And all the more mirthy

Purdy though nerdy

Wordy and earthy

At the turn of thirty!