Delhi Belly!

After one school-trip, 5 years of living, and numerous other visits back and forth to India’s capital city I was finally doused by some salubrious dose of the city’s most famous phenomenon – the Delhi Belly! What two-hundred delicacies served up in a fabulous punjabi delhi wedding, aloo-chaat from Connaught place, double-chocolate decadence from Big Chill, palak-chaat from Greater Kailash’s quaint markets, home-cooked kulchas and chole couldn’t do, the more recently added to Delhi’s menu, the Tandoori Momos did and how! For all those Delhi-lovers and visitors to the capital city, it’s something to experience at least once in a lifetime, and provided you live through it, once is more than enough!

 Double Decadance Chocolate Cake (Medium)

A haven for food the city never disappoints on the varied offerings it has for the average foodie. Not really blessed with a sweet tooth, I even prefer my chocolate super dark, the Uganda mix kind. So undoubtedly my favorite memory of food is and will always be the Double Chocolate Decadence from Big Chill in Khan Market, specifically. Its an ode to life! The other favorite food memory coming up rather close is Dilli’s famous Aloo Chaat. What awesomeness, and what a delight. Though it may take the intestines a while more before they can make peace, and the belly a little more cajoling to get over the atrocities, the lungs a bit more wooing with Bengaluru’s cleaner air, Delhi’s food memories are remarkable and exciting all the same. Phew!