An exercise in parody!

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With charming walls telling even more endearing stories the near-perfect illustrations of the Smoke House Deli food chain, with all its i’s dotted and t’s crossed does more than dish out glorious food. The place is enlivening, amusing and entertaining all at once. All walls with hand-drawn illustrations, each distinct and each beautiful in pen and ink remind one of the preppy childhood days of endless wonder. Tweaked to fit the local bill, the cozy restaurants in Bangalore, Delhi or Mumbai, offer delightful backdrops for easy conversations, happy tummies and satiated minds. First in Delhi, then in Mumbai and now in Bangalore I was enthralled by the finesse in design and the blissful vibes the Deli offers all at once. Its one of those well-made happy places, and food may well have a greater contribution to the atmosphere than we could imagine. In Delhi the Crepe was lovely, in Mumbai the risotto was winning while in Bangalore the Gnocchi was enchanting. Good design inspires, and in beautiful spaces there is joy forever. With a pleasing design the place is intelligence personified. The designers at BUSRIDE (whose principal designer doubles as the head peon) first ideated the décor concept while the Turmeric Design Studio has just done the Haus Khas deli in Delhi. A must-have experience for them design junkies!

p.s The flourless chocolate cake may well be to die for.