The wonder of the past

in the tumultuous future

A shimmer of golden

in ripples that embolden

There is no last

in the tents of nature

And in earth laden

drizzled with laughter

Is the urge to fast

glorious and furious

In spite of the blast

and all the slaughter

Leaving some aghast

and others afar

There are the larks

who shun the dark

Brightening alike

bringing life to life

For matter the distance

and all of the friction

the beauty of contemplation

on utter insistence

Brings out a mast

calling peace aloud

From years of experience

telling tales of mention

To shun the swords

needles and moulds

Awakening a beginning

forever embracing

Missions in sight

for all the might

Settling the senses

calming the nerves

The vision enlightening

a sense of foreboding

There is a right

for every light

Of Zen and listening

the joys beckoning

Cherry-blossoms in sight

however dark the night

Lanterns full of light

not far from sight

Every crest has a trough

every cloud a lining

Laying out the whining

in warm surroundings

In the land of rising

and the shimmering

A reason for loving

and mostly celebrating

The very early sighting

of the golden noble sun!






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