The Phantom of the Opera!

Broadway off Time Square is every bit of the glitzy entertainment estate it is said to be, and while experiencing the every changing and buzzing with energy square is an experience like no other, so is watching a broadway musical off Times Square. As the bestie and I went got our tickets at the TKTS, having secured happily ones to the longest running musical, we set off to watch Webber’s genius in action.

The sets and music of the opera were stupendous, with some real goose-bump generating visuals, the story as is known of love and all its myriad glory caught on the senses transporting one into a world of the dead and the living. The Opera-Ghost or Erik as he is called is equally mystifying and disgusting as the living dead man, while Raoul plays the perfect prince Charming and Christine the damsel in distress! The concept of the story, with the costumes and the sets add to the charm of the actors who have their act all put together.

With Erik neatly set to peace and no phantoms in the offing, or ghosts to be wary of, we set out in total appreciation of the play, especially the music of Webber, enjoying every bit of the play. The histronics of drama setting forth the joy of wonder and awe of creative genius!

As a blast from the past, do give this tune a listen!


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