A whiff of Paris!

Tucked away in the busy alley of Jubilee Hills, off the buzzing Road no 36 is a little bakery, nestled in a large compound that looks like it is largely inspired by little birds. What with all the minuscule detailing and use of softwood in the decor. Of all the delightful offerings stocked here I must recommend the fresh cream and blueberry stuffed ‘Paris Brest’! It did transport me to the art filled, delightful City of Love and is finger-licking good! Though I swear by chocolate in my desserts and am forever smitten by the finest bakery in town, Labonel, this one dish from Concu, as the quaint shop is called, does deserve an ovation.

Just look at it!


For the more culinarily gifted folks out there here is a recipe from my favorite chef and possibly the only one who has ever inspired me to cook. For a good measure violins do play in the background when madame chef takes over the reins or should I say the measuring cup!

Recipe for Paris Brest 

from Chef Arti Shroff

Choux paste or pate a choux


Water 115 ml

Butter 40 g

Flour 60 g

Eggs 2 nos

Vanilla essence 5 ml


1.Heat together water and butter till the butter melts and the mixture starts bubbling.

2. Sieve the flour. In a separate bowl beat the eggs and vanilla essence together.

3. Add the flour to the hot water mixture and beat it well till it forms a smooth ball. Cook for a few more mins till the raw smell of flour is fully gone.

3. Cool the mixture slightly then gradually add the egg mixture and beat it well. Make sure you do not cook the eggs.

4. Pipe the mixture into a big disc shape and bake it in a preheated oven at 200 c for 20 mins then at 180 c for 10 mins or till cooked. The ring should sound hollow when tapped with a fingernail.

Pastry cream or creme patissiere


Egg yolks 3 nos

Sugar 125 g

Cornflour 40 g

Milk 250 ml

Vanilla essence 5 ml

Butter 15 g


1. Beat the yolks with sugar and cornflour. Boil the milk and gradually add to the yolk mixture beating continuously. Make sure you do not cook the eggs.

2. Cook over a low flame till the mixture is thick and creamy.

3. Beat in vanilla essence and melted butter. Cover it tightly with a clingfilm and let it cool completely in the refrigerator. It should thicken further when cool

Assembling the Paris Brest

1. Slice the choux ring in half all around.

2. Slightly scoop out the dough from the lower half and fill generously with pastry cream.

3. Top with the upper half and dust with icing sugar. Refrigerate till ready to eat.

Paris Brest
Chef Arti Shroff with her munchkin!


P.s. In the recipe you could add blueberries I suppose! (For the vegans attempting this, egg-replacers should do)






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