TBT Stop 3: Kandy

Kandy is essentially a hill-station brightly centered in Sri Lanka with its main attraction being the tooth relic temple that is one of the major Buddhist centres in the world. Everyday thousands of beautifully bloomed lotus flowers are offered to the Buddhist Lord while the tooth relic is exhibited only when grievous natural disasters occur. Like the last time the tooth relic was displayed was during the tsunami, lest it loses its power.


At the tooth-relic temple one cant help but ponder over symbolism in Buddhism. From lighting of lamps, to offering lotuses the religion is steeped in symbolism. Like a lotus we must strive to grow beautifully rising untouched and unaffected by the muddy waters of life. Being honest, true and good in spite of a less than ideal surround. While the lighting of the lamp signifies banishing the darkness and welcoming the good, enlightenment into our lives.


The temple in Kandy sees several visitors who come to pray for good health, happiness, money or other things one would want in life! The temple architecture in itself is rather assembled with a stupa, the pitched roof, a flat slab all merged into one. But the temple takes immense pride in its intricate detailing. The flooring finishes for example flow beautifully like carpets out of the stairways upto the temple. The main entrance is canvas to excellent Sri Lankan art on its roof. The shocking myriad of colors are placed with mighty aplomb across the ceiling.


While musicians flock the main griha of the temple and sound the drums all thought is focused onto the Buddha or rather the very present moment. Like all temples this one too reverberates with positive ions and has a rather grand experiential quality.


On a morning walk across the lake in Kandy I was welcomed by friendly walkers and citizens of this spiritually steeped city.



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