Tel perre Tel frere

Looking down over a foot

is the Bruder with a look

Marking clearing the nice

from all the wary disguise

Smart and highly evolved

he makes an easy crowd

Intelligence made to order

and passion by the larder

Of thought that comes

far vision is what it becomes

Binding the all by a spell

weakest link in the well

Checking in knotty keels

and at times locking heels

Mr Dependable they said

and that’s how he read

Every i dotted Every t crossed

never a dull moment trespassed

There never is a surprise

each time paying a full price

What he does he does well

often than not ringing the bell

Of pride and joy that spans

years of double dozen times

With words beyond measure

and jibes I still treasure

He is the brother so fine

that makes life sublime

Literally evaporating

all the gnawing rating

For all there is one

a sibling like none

From growing up fighting

to all the fiery sparking

Before long transforming

in to a teary enlightening

Then doing minus whining

all the fire-fighting

There is always a multitude

of truckloads of gratitude

For a frere so kind

one that wouldnt mind

Sometimes no reason

and other times a rhyme!



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