The lightness of Being

The twinkle in the eye, the twinge of blush on the cheeks and a mirth in demeanor, laughing brings with it a great deal of optimism. Rolling over laughing or even bursting out in joy do much more than sky-rocketing one’s phenylethyleamine levels, take it from a girl who albeit briefly forgot how to even smile. And blessed are those who bring out the laughter in us. From stand-up comedians to witty remarks or simply those who alter the morose perspectives of life.

But laughter is just one end of the emotional spectrum, the one end we’d all want to have more of, decidedly. And really how emotional is the world?! Here’s a study by Max Fisher mapping out most to least emotional countries in the world.




No wonder then that Saturday Night Live and half a dozen sitcoms that the world chortles at is mined out of the United States that clearly stands at No 1 in being emotional, specifically in being a comedy super-power. The Walt Disney Company quotes laughter as America’s most important export, but naturally! Though Germans topped some specific surveys on being Europe’s funniest nation by the Laugh Lab project, as Twain popularly remarked, “a German joke is no laughing matter”.

Contagious and fine, laughter like Milton Berle states is an instant vacation and brings an instant lightness of being. Whether its Wodehouse who tickles your funny bone, or Russell Peters, or the good old Tom and Jerry, or 2 broke girls, or even India’s Comedy nights!

No laughing matter is complete without Watterson and so for some Calvin time!


P.S. ah for back-up there’s always chocolate of-course, considering the most chocolate consuming nation in the world is United States too.


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