bonne année

Bonne Annee or so they say

in le amore paris as they sway

all en-robed in happy foray

for the new year’s on the way

just a change in date quips the cynic

and starts being a nasty  forensic

be optimistic instructs the cryptic

cause the future is but magnetic

as it attracts one to instantly elope

its also a strong harbinger of hope

a thing that brings one the findings

in sullen life many a silver linings

when we do wish upon a star

there is likely to be no war

when the start is all well begun

there is no reason to cry or run

so hence we all wish for luck

and all the means to not be stuck

the past is always a key to the future

the present is nothing but an allure

when we do spread the + ions

it echoes through many an eons

so heres an echo of all the higher

for then there may be a louder

a more enthralling year than ever

of happiness and joie de vivre

for us all in this beautiful world

that will leave us inspired

much beyond any written word.

Bonne année once again

its a new year for you to claim!



starry night by vincent van gogh.


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