On my mind: Ravioli

The last month I have been having a major food haunt. And yes, its Ravioli. The Italian master blaster of all delicacy. After a whole lot of hob-nobbing I must say I did find the perfect Ravioli right under my nose. Well not in my kitchen, but at a stunningly simple and elegant restaurant called ‘trattoria bonissima’ that is literally down the road.

So what about Ravioli? It is a pasta type that is traditionally made at home and stuffed with a filling, usually with ricotta cheese. The vegetarian filling is usually spinach (yay!) or mushroom (another yay!). The pasta is then served in a Cream sauce usually folded over the ravioli. It does have an overload of cheese and a haven for cheese lovers, but hey its not fried 😀


800px-Ravioli_2the ravioli sold in an Italian marketplace


with a plate full of heaven!

So what has been your food haunt?!

P.s the cream sauce in this case was made with yellow and red capsicum..err bell pepper…alias sweet pepper.



  1. Hey babe! Ravioli need not be served with a white cheese sauce.. It tastes really good ( especially the mushroom filling one) with a creamy pesto sauce. However, a sprinkling of grated Parmesan is of course, mandatory!


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