The Snob Diet

One of my earlier posts, on food, is surprisingly the most accessed according to the stats. Interesting! Umm so now I’d like to share the only diet I truly believe in – the snob diet!

Well all you gotta do is make sure you eat real good food. Stuff that makes you drool. Everything works! Cheese, butter, chocolates or whatever it is you love. Yeah ofcourse processed food is out of the picture. Coz seriously synthetic stuff frankly doesn’t taste yumm! But yeah the hard part is that if you don’t get access to such fanfare, well, you starve. Drink loads of water or just eat little. ( now now with a Lil planning that should never happen ) And ofcourse may I add, that the food eaten in a snob diet, DOES NOT have to be expensive. It only needs to be good. =)

Here’s a snap-shot from the December Issue of the Glamour Magazine, rooting for the Snob Diet!

Obviously the diet comes from France(!) yeah no surprises there ๐Ÿ˜‰

From the horses mouth,

The five rules are: snobs get fuller faster, snobs savour versus wolf, snobs donโ€™t deprive themselves, snobs indulge their cravings, and snobs consider what to eat and when.

The diet works for me, so much so if I start putting on weight, it just means that I ain’t eating soul food! ๐Ÿ˜‰


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