Halo 25!

The times are fine
In an age sublime
Like the line
Things get finer in time

Ain’t I so glad
To let maturity play
Feeling a tad
Or more of grey

Black or white
Is not always life
Many shades of light
Make up for the strife

Lots to do but
Times a spare
It’s important
For a lively gear

Seeing the good
And ignoring the bad
Takes one afar and
Manages no lard

Learnings in the air
So keen and layered
much is felt
as the heart melts

It’s tangerine days
That suffice a craze
Of things to do
Setting moments ablaze

The futures to say
what memories are made
in a childs play
are the best plans laid

Getting older a day
Wiser molds of clay
In high spirits fair
There’s poetry everywhere

The silvery hues
Offer brilliant tunes
It’s a bunch of chives
At the ring of twenty fives


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