Vanda Miss Joaquim

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A sudden trip to the Botanical Gardens gave that much needed tryst with nature. The variety of species and the brilliant landscape design ensures that one leaves Singapore far far behind. The blissful solitude like they say was intermittently broken by kids running around or Tai Chi gurus leading a group expertly. The positive vibes in abundance!

In the garden is a very special enclosure that exhibits the nation’s favorite genre of flowers, the Orchids! The species are seen all over this lush humid island. Some peeking off a lonely balcony while other growing in esteemed gardens or even more being curated here. In all shapes and sizes, in all colors and textures.

Here was also the very pretty Vanda Miss Joaquim, the national flower of Singapore. The stiff upper-lippers call it the Agnes Joaquim.

Inspired, I took to the brush and did a lil something of my own.


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