The Elephant Parade

With over 80% of the Asian Elephant population diminished, its time to take to the Elephant cause; mostly because this mighty intelligent and adorable animal needs some support!

The Elephant Parade is an initiative by several countries that include The Netherlands, Italy, Great Britain and Singapore. In a bid to put the Asian elephant into the limelight artists from all over the world have vividly conceived intepretations of the very subtle grey animal. Once painted these art pieces are to be auctioned by Sothebys while several smaller replicas that are each handpainted get to be purchased. Visiting the Elephant Parade in Singapore I’ve chosen my favorites! Now, say how about you?!

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P.s. Do write in to me if you want the postcards, to make your own elephant parade art! It’s on the house =)

Also for more info check out –


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