A Ministry of Architecture

Shelter and not development is a necessity.

Architecture is but shelter, in its truest sense of the word. And building with thought is architecture.

Why not then a ministry that modulates architecture?

From public housing, to materials of construction, to the dimensions of spaces, to the quality and aesthetics of these spaces.

Apparently am not the first in line to think such. The young Republic of Belarus has already an up and running Ministry. The result? A largely impeccable urban fabric and a joyous Belarusian tribe. Austria follows suit I am told.

Just picture this, housing, offices, malls, carparks, everything that we spend our life in could make our lives better if designed well. From anthropometrics to environments its a whole cycle of benefits. Furthermore an ecotect, surrounding can actually make use of all the time one has and modulate all the things that one does. “‘We shape our buildings, and thereafter they shape us”, said Winston Churchill. Much pride at his thought. It was never truer. Its not just architects who hold a passion for the buildings they build I have seen. Ever imagined why some people perform better, why some shopping malls do better business, why some places of worship compell you to pray, why some countries just max out on tourism, why some F1 races are way better than the other, why some parks provide so much solitude?

Even a McDonalds in a pathetic mall, doesnt sell.

Moreover architecture is anything but cheap. Either way, quantitatively or qualitatively. This extravagant industry with almost a 40% footprint on planet earth does need a dime of thought.

So then again why not a Ministry of Architecture?

Are you listening, Parliament??


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