An elegy to my Grandmother

Endless affection coupled with wisdom

Unbelievable intuition of weaved in notion

Of Brilliant reinvention at every stage of life

Of Learning the ropes and beating all strife

Instilling in me the power of being nice

Cooling me down when full of spice

Being an audience no matter the dance

Seeing that we were all given a chance

Exuding the strength of quiet courage

Whilst signing warns of the false mirage

Lending a ear to hear our premise

Besides never failing with the perfect advice


Classic, eternal and ever smiling

Sealing memories that will never stop flashing

Encouraging ideals and integrity in living

Hoping for the best besides believing

Chiding, at fault and Glowing, with pride

Making life one hell of a ride

Inspiring the good and forgiving the bad

Cheering us on as we faced the grind

Feeling our emotions however deep

And gauging ahead what we may reap

When distressed telling us to take it easy

Reinstating that happiness is but being breezy


Reading our faces no matter the hour

Preventing our minds from going sour

Providing the warm fuzzy cover

And also listening in to mid-night natter

With Warmth that smoothens

The roughest of feathers

You have taught well, full and forever

Blessing our lives with countless moments

Nainamma you will be treasured forever.


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