Eat. Etc.

You are what you eat, yelled my Grandfather into the handheld. His frustration was palpable when I told him of my dinner that day. Mc Shake, Fries and Bread-Butter I had said. He wasnt one bit amused.

Yesterday my Father told me of Djokivic’s diet that assisted him on his mission for gold. This after persistantly following up with me on the blues that sugar brings along. I do pay heed to the exceedingly well delievered sermons but slip up with that occasional cone of ice-cream or a snip off a bar of chocolate.

With my over-active imagination working on my impending doom with my eating habits, I pulled out the age old food pyramid chart. So going by my Dadu’s words of wisdom for a wonderfully balanced life I should be going after the wonderfully balanced meal, I gathered!

It looks very simple doesnt it? With a little bit of effort shouldnt be too hard to accomplish, me thinks.

And then I was reading about Djokovic’s gluten-free diet. Processed foods are bad. Well common-sense says that right? But looking at the above chart I realised that the “Rice and Alternatives” are all locked with gluten as each of it is processed! Oh No! So the chart is obviously not perfect to follow. Well exceptions if you are chinese and make your own noodles. But hey! the flour would be processed too right!

So I embarked on a new food chart after countless seconds of my research.

Following the chart now means, more chopping of vegetables, more visits to the super-market per week and more importantly snacking at the the fruit shop rather than Starbucks. Am allowing myself milkshake at the pretext of milk so Starbucks has a chance. 😉 Some benefits of writing rules are that you get to find some loopholes! Well eliminating rice and alternatives is not only going to be tough but reasonably impossible! So am putting it in up there. Oil has never been an enemy but butter has! Thats higher up to increase its chances of altogether toppling from the list 😛

Done that next I think that there’s never a better time to start than now, they say. Lets see how this turns out. Since it isnt a diet it doesnt have an expiry date :P. Green is trending. Health conciousness is trending. Djokovic is trending. Veggiedom is trending.

Heres hoping that the next call with the Grandpa does not end disastrously!!!


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