Staying Happy and Going Lucky!

There is something about happy people that always brings a smile on our faces. The smile is of joy if you are a favorable person or of contempt if cynicism runs in your veins. But by far its really a boon for one to stay happy-go lucky.

So in the rat race of the world where every achievement counts and every move matters how does one lighten up?

Well tough moments come in every one’s life and these are things to do to  stay happy and go lucky in times of both, calm waters and stormy weathers.

1. Breathe! Its the simplest and the foremost thing on the list. Its amazing what a couple of deep exhalations can do.

2. Assume that everyone has good intentions. Now this is really hard at times but it does work out well. Like when a bad stare happens or bad-mouthing happen, its impossible but try, it may not have instant effects but it does have lasting ones. But this one assumption will make your life awesome.

3. Do not try anger like ever. I quote, “Getting angry is like drinking poison while hoping that the other person dies! “. Anger does not accomplish anything. Ever.

4. Smile. Or better still make faces 😛 Stretch your imagination via the facial muscles.

5. Ride a bicycle, row a boat, jump on a trampoline, do art projects, read children’s books, dance. Turning up the volume and dancing in the living room is sure shot happiness. Get in touch with your childish side and remember not to take life so seriously.

6. Remember everyone is entitled to an opinion. And you are entitled to yours.  So throw caution to the winds and speak your mind. Honesty is really the best policy. Peace of mind guaranteed!!! If others dont get it, dont fret. You dont have to love the world and they dont have to love you!

7. Be persistant with good humor. Laughter is the best medicine. Find your funny bone and cherish it.

8. Set boundaries and hold your ground. Much as you want to be a push-over to please people and keep peace, its important for your own sanity to firmly and kindly stand-up for yourself. While looking for the best in people do not turn a blind eye to nastiness!!!

9. Forgiving and letting go make way for cheer and happiness. Negative out positive in. Again and again. Forgiveness is  a favor you do for yourself. Communicate. Write.  Get it out of your system.

10. Have your dreams, believe in them and cherish them, luck is but belief. Thats the beauty of dreams, that is their power. The more you cherish them the more likely they are to happen!

These things I gather from the life seen so far but it really depends and varies from person to person. To each his own, a very wise friend told me yesterday. So I guess do whatever suits you, but do suit up in that chink of shiny armour!


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