As simple as that

The above picture is a satellite image of The Palms, Jumeirah taken from Google Earth.

The Great wall of China was the only man-made feature visible from the moon for nearly centuries. But come 2001 I believe that there is the formation of a club. The Palm Jumeirah had joined in and now for the second of the trio the Palm Jebel Ali.

While reading a quite hilarious blog about elevators in a building of the Dubai skyline I was compelled to look at the satellite image of the skyline of Dubai. But then the palms caught my eye. They are a feat of mankind. Brilliant to say the least. The extended beachline is a marvel. A house in the Palms is much more than a piece of luxury, its when luxury moves over grabbing a piece of history.

I am impressed. It is a work of art wherein the world is literally a canvas.


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