I(ngvar)+K(amprad)+E(lmtaryd)+A(gunnyard) = IKEA

Split your lifetime into minutes of ten each. Then do all you can to while away as  little of the tens as you possibly can.

The words are the crux of the life of the man himself. The man in question is Ingvar Kamprad from Elmtaryd who also lived in Agunnyard. A simple name that has made a big difference. So much so he was the world richest man in 2007 and continues to figure in the list of the uber rich. His story, like all the success stories began at his late teens and has sailed on till now when he an octegenarian.

Many years after IKEA being in business I got to visit the store. The store for one is utterly delightful. Every store, the brand and the graphics have all one usp and that is of good design. The price is kept low and is almost unbelievable. You dont have to be rich to be clever they say. One cant help but agree with such marketing captions. The quality of wood used is definitely questionable and in most cases it may not be wood at all! But as of today with all the environmental worries the marketing manager at Ikea is definitely not a worried man. Made with recycled materials and keeping in mind all the sustainable issues. They may not have furniture for keeps but they do have fun, quirky stuff if only you’d like replacements every 3 years! Nevertheless with my eye for beauty I fall in love with IKEA everytime I go there. And yes the swedish desserts, they make me want to have a sweet tooth. Smart, chic. Two words that precede the most important, cheap.

Though our house is not filled with furniture from IKEA ( Indians that we are, long-lasting means everything to us), we do buy all the accessories that IKEA makes to for an easy existance.

So much so now am their friend. Quite literally!


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