The World Expo

My first blog to my delight is a review of the recently held World Expo at Shanghai. The world expo was held from May to October 2010 and its key focus was innovation. The following blog sums up 3 of the pavilions that I found to be brilliantly innovative in its own right. The “BIG” ideas of these pavilions written about stole the show at the pavilion.

The most striking thought that came to me as I worked on this exercise is that the esscence of architecture has been very well captured in the expo. Because architecture, or good architecture goes way beyond skill and is all about the Big Idea. I strongly believe that ideation is the seed of architecture.

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The above image is of the Danish Pavilion.

Ideated as I may say by Bjarke Ingels Group the idea seems to be to showcase the use of bicycle as a transport system in Denmark. The mermaid, of national importance and the clear water add to the serenity of the space. I found the idea very interesting and exciting. The use of a bicycle that allows people to reach the top and feel the space is very engaging. The point is made. Extremely well at that. The simplicty in thought and the beauty in execution makes this pavilion utterly remarkable.

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The above image is of the french pavilion.

The latticed vertical greens remind me of shafts in a building. Shafts are probably of the most important and visible connections in a building that span through the building. And the french certainly know the golden rules of beauty. Effortlessly they engage one in an already existing building dynamics by only tweaking them here and there. As the lattices float they add a sparkle to the feat called French Engineering. I love it for its elegance and non-chalance. So typically french~

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The above image is of the British Pavilion.

My first reaction on beholding the British Pavilion eas OH MY GOSH!

The structure in itself resembles a very modern and striking light bulb. They are infact long LED tubes that light up on the outside and house seeds from the Royal Botanical Gardens on the inside. What a stark effect they create and what a feat they achieve. The idea is not simple and nor is its execution. Britain is said to have spent a hefty amount on the construction of the pavilion. I believe Britain last achieved a feat like this and garnered a spirit of mastery of similar stature when they last built the “Crystal Palace” in the 17th century. (Check I believe the idea was whimsical but the execution of sheer brilliance. The pavilion deserves an applause and London deserves a pat on the back for proving to be a force to reckon with despite a glum market. The husband, a through and through accountant, nods his disapproval though.



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