The wonder of the past in the tumultuous future A shimmer of golden in ripples that embolden There is no last in the tents of nature And in earth laden drizzled with laughter Is the urge to fast glorious and furious In spite of the blast and all the slaughter Leaving some aghast and others … Continue reading Kinkaku-ji!

Fall Shennanigans

Streaks of gold say oh lo behold to flamed forests inspiring sonnets as they burst upon landscapes of adorn the colours they don are a melange of tone red brown and an orange tamed by yellow foliage a nature production show setting the forest aglow setting stage around rustling leaves surround whispering joys aloud leaves … Continue reading Fall Shennanigans


Poetry is a form of art, ever-so delightful and ever-so philosophical, but when it is used as embellishment on a sari it certainly charms! On a Gauri Khan creation for Satya Paul. With spring round the corner, the breezy tropical feel rendered is rather refreshing. The northern hemisphere of the blue planet is heating up, and here's a … Continue reading Po(ar)try

Finding heaven at twenty-seven!

One life is not just one infact its a myriad of some memories that are strung on a line thats highly rung   its a constant exploration to light deeper illumination taking one across nations serving off bleary obligations   the wants, the needs, the haves the shoulds, the coulds, the woulds they never tire … Continue reading Finding heaven at twenty-seven!

Equal Measure

Marking the spring equinox Daylight tips the dark in half As a boat in torrid waters rocks the egg stands upright in hoax One of the miracles of life is seeing things in black or white Where lines are not blurred and distinctions are concurred An illusion of a rightful balance comes with a series … Continue reading Equal Measure