The Rashtrapathi’s House

A visit to the Rashtrapathi Bhavan is not for the faint-hearted. First of all claiming a pass online is a daunting task in itself, the president of India website makes it a tad easy, but the number of questions they ask and the slots that show up make a visit to Vaisho Devi seem much … Continue reading The Rashtrapathi’s House

Guest diary #2

Crossing the bicentenary mark, publishing 200 posts calls for a celebration! And to add cheer to this milestone this post features a jet-setting, smart-working, truly cerebral and quaintly Indian travelista! Mahi Payardha our guest on this occasion has clocked half a decade in Germany, Malaysia and Sweden, sometimes working and mostly having a ball! A … Continue reading Guest diary #2

Moscow Times!

  Maybe, said Putin when asked whether Russia would go to war against the United States, to Charlie Rose on the prime time show of 60 minutes. Marked by unabashed confidence and an unflinching nerve he may well be an embodiment of the steely resolve of his fatherland. Lugging a treasure-trove of history and an … Continue reading Moscow Times!

Of Saints and Apostles!

Looking west, St Petersburg named after the Apostle Peter, by the Europe loving Tsar Peter was first a Swedish settlement on the bank of the River Neva. In line with a few cities in Alaska it is the highest in latitude city with a populace of over a hundred million, with no city further not … Continue reading Of Saints and Apostles!

The Great Buddha of Nara!

Todai-ji was once the one of the powerful Seven Great Temples houses the great bronze Buddha, the largest Buddha statue in the world, of Vairocana, even today it serves as the Japanese headquarters of the Kegon school of Buddhism. It is a place where tourists and the famous deer of Nara roam together in one … Continue reading The Great Buddha of Nara!

The Zenness of Being!

  "Hi, am Zen", she said. And she went on to be my bestest friend in the island country. She named herself she said, mainly to remind herself of the philosophy of lightness. Though largely believed to be Japanese, the Zen way of thinking finds its roots in the Mahayana Buddhism that originated in China during … Continue reading The Zenness of Being!

Fall Shennanigans

Streaks of gold say oh lo behold to flamed forests inspiring sonnets as they burst upon landscapes of adorn the colours they don are a melange of tone red brown and an orange tamed by yellow foliage a nature production show setting the forest aglow setting stage around rustling leaves surround whispering joys aloud leaves … Continue reading Fall Shennanigans

50 shades of taupe!

    Nimbly wedging within the city's famed natural rock formation, the Trident Hotel in Hyderabad is much of an architectural delight. The architect's at C&T Bengaluru made sure that the heritage rock falling within the precincts of the site was kept intact as a strategic design move right from the very beginning.   The … Continue reading 50 shades of taupe!