Glacier Hopping in Alaska!

Sold in 1867 for a measly sum by the Russian Czar, Alaska today is largest state of the United States of America and boasts of spectacular glaciers, northern lights, flamed flora and delightful fauna. Home to the Tlingits, the Glacier Bay National Park, icy spectacles, scenic glaciers and chilly climes Alaska in all its pristine…… Continue reading Glacier Hopping in Alaska!

Its a man’s world and a woman’s universe!

Or so we would like to believe. This aint a feminist post, blasting away at how superior women are, but more like a blast away on how indispensable both men and women are! Though I do subscribe to the hackneyed notion that women make better care-givers and are natural nurturers, life, of this age demands a lot more from…… Continue reading Its a man’s world and a woman’s universe!