Hot Air Ballooning!

Balloons are a thing of happiness, but a hot air balloon? Well it is sheer joy. Now little did I know that the Hot air balloon is first literally filled with a fan, then after a while or so, with heated air, giving it an endless supply of light air until the balloon fills up… Read More Hot Air Ballooning!

Around the world #🌏in83hours. Episode 5 – Uzbekistan with Chetna Ramachandra

The home of Tashkent the foreboder of the silk route, the key of the Islamic Golden age, Uzbekistan, once a soviet country is ridden with gorgeous architecture, deep-rooted culture and a bounty of the earth, yes am talking about the fruits of the land quite literally. Most of the Uzbeks are Sunni Muslims, they comprise… Read More Around the world #🌏in83hours. Episode 5 – Uzbekistan with Chetna Ramachandra

Guest diary #2

Crossing the bicentenary mark, publishing 200 posts calls for a celebration! And to add cheer to this milestone this post features a jet-setting, smart-working, truly cerebral and quaintly Indian travelista! Mahi Payardha our guest on this occasion has clocked half a decade in Germany, Malaysia and Sweden, sometimes working and mostly having a ball! A… Read More Guest diary #2