Poetry is a form of art, ever-so delightful and ever-so philosophical, but when it is used as embellishment on a sari it certainly charms! On a Gauri Khan creation for Satya Paul. With spring round the corner, the breezy tropical feel rendered is rather refreshing. The northern hemisphere of the blue planet is heating up, and here's a … Continue reading Po(ar)try

The Goldfinch

Donna Tartt's latest masterpiece truly haunts. Its one of those rare pieces of fiction that not just touches but yanks a chord and one can never be the same after traversing through it's literary riches. It's my first book of Ms Tartt and I must say she makes it to the list of my favorite authors and … Continue reading The Goldfinch

Guest Diary #1

On the occasion of doing 100 posts and 100 comments on my blog am very happy to introduce to you all my super talented friend Tanvi Sanghani who's sharing some amazing pictures from Italy and Greece. Tanvi is a globe-trotter who travels with her lens and a firm hand. Her pictures are stunning, as you … Continue reading Guest Diary #1