The charming Bangalore Palace!

This is one place in Bangalore that deserved a visit, and after 4 years of calling this techie-inundated city my home, the time finally presented itself to make a trip there. Before I relate the tale of our visit, let me state that all precautionary measures were put in place by the palace authorities, who... Continue Reading →

Happy Diwali!

The festival of light, marking the movement of ourselves from darkness to light falls on the 14th November this year also marked in India as children's day! While we aim to glow up this season, lighting eco-friendly diyas and bursting bubbles instead of crackers, here are a few tips to light up your day and... Continue Reading →

How to be (a) creative?

This is a question I find people asking and while there is the debate on you are born with it, it cannot be cultivated, one that I for one, believe in. Yes you have to be born a creative, and cannot be trained to be one. However that said every one of us tends to... Continue Reading →

Unconventional, unconditional !

Am no typically bake sale mom, My forte cant ever feed you nom, I can do no cupcakes or brownies, But with me around there some, will make no room for frownies, Lots of imagination and funnies, Will make one lose track of runnies, The vast spectacle of the universe, Is always ready for some... Continue Reading →

The Social Advantage

Data is the new currency, attention the new stock option and friends list the new incentive. Are you living a Grammable life? Oops I mean a worthy life? Are your days passing without - 'one for the gram' picture? We are living in a highly digital world, where there is nothing free, if it is... Continue Reading →

Markook Reservoir

When leaders take on huge challenges, the result in imminent and for all to savour. The Markook Reservoir also labelled the Konda Pochamma Sagar Reservoir is one such challenge which was aptly addressed by the Chief Minister of Telangana State in India. The Kaleshwaram Lift Irrigation project brings water from the Rivers Pranhita and  Godavari... Continue Reading →

Crash Landing on You, Korea!

Some things in life leave a lasting impression on one, and this one is something I crash landed onto and how! Never one to watch tv series in a different language, solely riding on subtitles I finally took the leap. Like the film Parasite's director Bong Joon-ho said during his Oscar acceptance speech, if one... Continue Reading →


As I settle down to write about the lockdown an insistent sparrow comes knocking on my windowpane. Not shy of people, of being in close proximity to the built environment and particularly asking for nothing, it came by to say a quick hello stare at my screen and went its way. As I stay inside... Continue Reading →

When minus is a plus!

We like in such skewed times, and we have a Virus to crown for it. The rapidly mutating and evolving virus is fast overtaking our immune systems, only time can tell us where this takes us for even the most well-intentioned keel is being brought to their knees. Staying home seems to be the only... Continue Reading →

Project Focus No 3: Featherlite Retail Store

Project Data Type: Featherlite Retail Store Location: Hyderabad, India Area: 4500 sft Year: 2019 Photographs: Vishal Siddamsetty   If space is a canvas, one on which life enfolds, then retail spaces are a prima donna kind of canvas. A space where the product on display is the star, where space itself then takes a back-seat,... Continue Reading →

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