Kolkata 2.0

And here I am again visiting the first capital of the British India empire, twelve years later. A lot seemed to have happened to me and then of course to Calcutta. The city that remained the capital till 1911 when the British shifted the Capital to Delhi and roughly 100 years later changed its name… Read More Kolkata 2.0

The Kind Diet

Being vegan or rather turning vegan occurred to me when I watched a documentary film titled, “Forks over Knives”, who’s basic premise was eating plants and plant-based and hence using a fork wins over eating meat which primarily requires knives. The film was so darn engrossing and informative that being vegan made total sense to… Read More The Kind Diet

Shillong 3.0

“Veda loves Shillong so much, she’s come here for the third time,” said Ibynta. “Ibyn I love you not Shillong so much, that I’ve come here for the third time,” said Veda. And thus even though I abhor going to the same place twice, just like lightening does not strike the same place twice, yeah… Read More Shillong 3.0