Around the world #🌏in83hours. Episode 7 – Turkiye with Shirin Ashok

Set on a magnificent setting, along the River Bosporous, is a city so grand, housed in a country that has seen dynasties as diverse as ever from the Justians of Rome to the Seljuks, from the Ottomans to the Turks. Reinventing itself at every turn of the century Turkey or now Turkiye has amassed a wealth of memories and dazzles the average tourist with a flurry of domed mosques, whirling dervishes, underground cities chiseled from volcanic eruptions, beautiful art, mouth-watering delicacies and all the underpinnings of a tourist delight, ala the Turkish Delight!

And just as delightful as the country itself is our traveller Shirin Ashok, whose excitement and love for travel is not just efficacious but also extremely contagious. As a very fun and outgoing person her vivacious energy rubs off on all of us in equal measure. She is charming, happy-go-lucky and an enthusiast like no other. In short she has all the inklings of an intrepid traveler. Hear her on this episode sharing her tales through the country of Turkey taking the lesser taken path in Kusa Dasi, the touristy lures of Cappadocia and Pamukkhale, seeing the country by night, by day and achieving more day by travelling in July! The sun sets only after 9 pm in an average month of July. I for one loved chatting with her just on the eve of my very trip to this intriguing land!

Follow the link and give it a listen!