Around the world #🌏in83hours. Episode 6 – Bhutan with Sravya Katta

Bhutan is a country steeped in values, with a beautiful cascade of mountains, this Himalayan kingdom displays ideals as lofty as the mighty mountains that they are envelopes by. Equally stoic, calm and composed is our travelista who slays it in the Indian courts as she does on this exquisite solo trip that presented to her experiences like no other and had her literally transformed. When the King of Bhutan introduced for its people the metric of gross national happiness that world noticed this beautiful country, it did turn a few heads, but did you know that the constitution of Bhutan mandates the country to maintain a green cover percentage of 75 percent. Imagine something so environmentally conscious listed in a national document that too stunning with its specific nature. The people of Bhutan are extremely friendly keeping people grounded with closeness to nature. Fast may be a word that isn’t listed in their dictionary but think of a daily soap that actually describes man’s reaction to nature than the usual nature of soaps that define interpersonal relationships! What I personally loved about Bhutan this lovely dame tried to bring back to India after an 8-day trip, pure clean delicious air! From trekking to the Tigers nest Monastery, to living like a local, from capturing the essence of the national dress, to spending time in the Bhutan courts, Sravya Katta does it all, an in true Bhutanese style, slowly without an underlying agenda!

The essence of stoicism is in being un-flustered irrespective of the turn of the wind. Sravya Katta, an advocate, adventurist and travel junkie does her travels in groups or solo but travel she does. In this episode she gives us a dekho into the delicate land of Bhutan where the environment is greater then the king and quite rightly so. She’s captured the essence of the country in being transformed by its simplicity and alacrity. Living like a local, taking the less taken path can sometimes make all the difference. Listen in before you take that trip to this Himalayan kingdom that is lofty and grounded at the same time or be inspired to set sail on a solo adventure just like Sravya!

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