Around the world #🌏in83hours. Episode 4 – Scotland with Nishil Swamy

Scotland is the home to golf! It houses the St Andrews Link, the oldest golf course in the world. It is also the most happy-go-lucky country there is, not listed on the happiest countries in the world, having their own share of rebels and personals, it is nevertheless a country in itself. A part of the United Kingdom, Scotland is inundated with castles, isles, fairways and rainy skies. It is also the home of the finest whiskies in the world. Scottish men wears skirts oops, kilts and women wear pants, can there be a nation more contended with that configuration! There are several things about Scotland which make it so very pretty, but most of all the sceneries are said to be so lovely even if the weather is not. Listen in to this episode as we talk about the fantasy that Scotland actually is. The place to film out of the world stories, think the Game of Thrones, think of stories that require a scene nothing short of wonder. With the twinkling of eyes and creases on the face that only add to jest, with cities that twinkle like Edinburgh to cities that shine like Glasgow, Scotland is a story waiting to unfold at every corner. It’s close to the North Pole, it’s the land of the Vikings and it boasts of Kings and Queens like no other. A delightful account of a delightful little place in the northern part of the United Kingdom!

Travel is sometimes a bore for some people, or so they say, yet when they are on a trip they seem to be enjoying the most. Out of nowhere our conversationalist on this episode is my husband, Nishil Swamy who incidentally loves travelling but like most hate planning a trip, well luckily for him, he has me as his wife! Jokes apart, the country we discuss today is a lot like him, easy-going, couldn’t give a damn about whats happening in the world and sometimes rebels for rather intriguing reasons. While he sites his year in Scotland one of the best years of his life he has always championed Scotland was being extremely beautiful. Every other person who has been to Scotland happens to say the same. While the world is tuning in and fist slamming to the various Sea Shanties, I for one totally heart Nathan Evans, those that once got weary sailors through the stormiest of seas, has now having all us lesser mortals through the gravest of times. So till I get to make that much awaited trip to the northern parts of the United Kingdom, I agree heartily with, ‘Aye aye mate. Am sure its pure dead brilliant’. And with that Scottish phrase, here’s a conversation on Scotland!