Around the world #🌏in83hours. Episode 2 – Morocco with Shilpa Mithun

Morocco is a country of culture, of luxury, straddling between two continents, Europe and Africa. Join in as Shilpa answers 83 questions about the country that is at once rich and varied, swamped with the Mediterranean Sea, wrapped with the Atlas Mountains. The vibe is wondrous. The very country that has given every glam queen the indispensable Morrocon Argan oil, did you know that the best of this oil is extracted from the goat poop? Whether it’s Fez that charms one with it’s beautiful architecture, or Marrakech that stuns one with its people, or even Casablanca that has Hollywood besotted, there is something to do for everyone. I am for one hugely thrilled to explore this piece of land, standing out on the fringes of Africa while actually being Europe. There is no end to the dervishes or the feverishness of an ode to culture. While everyone is very well kept, Morocco may well be a secret very well kept!

The classy and most likable @shilpamithun, a vital figure in my life these days, as she is the Chairperson of my Circle, the Bangalore North Ladies Circle – 14, a wing of the Ladies Circle India, an organization that binds women in the tenets of Friendship and Service. Each of the 15-member strong active Circlers and a dozen or so past Circlers, we are in absolute agreement on how it is an absolute pleasure to receive her calls. Shilpa I must say, makes an excellent leader, she is intuitive and intelligent in equal measure and her childhood to adulthood in Morocco I think only makes her stand out amongst others if not think out of the box!

Link below!