White Kashmir!

For the average 90s kid, Kashmir, meant unrest, a slew of news revolving around the militants and the military, peppered by geography lessons of the Himalayas, the Pir Panjal range, the cultural aspects of the beautiful people, succulent apple orchards, salubrious summers, picturesque winters comprising of pherans and kangdis, political unrest followed by a hard-won... Continue Reading →

Much to adore, at Thirty-four!

Nobody likes a grinch, Who make us all flinch, Among the loaded guns, With heavily loaded puns, They are hard to ignore, And certainly quite a bore, When 'em cant be stored, One must find 'em accrued, And chat up a mighty ton, For words make up some fun, As charades, as tunes, as hums... Continue Reading →

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