Markook Reservoir

When leaders take on huge challenges, the result in imminent and for all to savour. The Markook Reservoir also labelled the Konda Pochamma Sagar Reservoir is one such challenge which was aptly addressed by the Chief Minister of Telangana State in India. The Kaleshwaram Lift Irrigation project brings water from the Rivers Pranhita and  Godavari … Continue reading Markook Reservoir

Crash Landing on You, Korea!

Some things in life leave a lasting impression on one, and this one is something I crash landed onto and how! Never one to watch tv series in a different language, solely riding on subtitles I finally took the leap. Like the film Parasite's director Bong Joon-ho said during his Oscar acceptance speech, if one … Continue reading Crash Landing on You, Korea!


As I settle down to write about the lockdown an insistent sparrow comes knocking on my windowpane. Not shy of people, of being in close proximity to the built environment and particularly asking for nothing, it came by to say a quick hello stare at my screen and went its way. As I stay inside … Continue reading (Un)Caged!